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The Squeegee Rubber Story

Window cleaners want the best quality rubber at the best price. Going to local suppliers is time consuming and expensive, even online! Buying rubber overseas can save some money, but takes forever to get here. Sounds familiar?

And so was born

We are professional window cleaners with experience spanning two decades

We offer advantages to you that other online suppliers in Australia don’t:

Only Squeegee Rubbers

We only sell squeegee rubbers. We’re not stocking every other window cleaning product like the other stores.


We don’t spread ourselves too thin. We focus on customer service. That makes us a choice that is RELIABLE


We only sell online. No physical store. No extra staff. So that means that we pass the savings onto you!

Exclusive Distribution

We are the exclusive distributor of Black Diamond squeegee rubber from Gummifabrikken LLC in Australia.

Black Diamond Squeegee Rubber

Black Diamond

Black Diamond has been a popular choice for professional window cleaners throughout the world for the last 15 years.

BlackDiamond squeegee rubber is always made up of the highest quality raw materials and manufactured by Gummifabrikken. They use their knowledge of monomers and their capability to mix them into the perfect polymer rubber that is prepared for anything.

​The perfect, razor sharp square edge of the BlackDiamond Flat-Top Squeegee has the ability to pull water or chemical solutions across glass with ease, leaving behind a beautiful and streak free surface every time.

The BlackDiamond Flat-Top Squeegee rubber is made specifically to fit Sorbo channels and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and quantities depending on your needs.

Now its Australia’s turn

Black Diamond squeegee rubber is equal in quality to any premium brands on the market. Now you can enjoy superior quality with the convenience of local supply.

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